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The manufacturer process of leatherette

A type of plastic product that looks and feels like leather and can be instead of it, It is usually made of fabric and is coated with a mixture of various plastic additives made from synthetic resin.
In our country, the artificial leather that people are used to produce with PVC resin is called PVC artificial leather; The artificial leather made from PU resin is called PU artificial leather: the artificial leather made from PU resin and non-woven fabric is called PU synthetic leather.
A leather like plastic product, it usually based on fabric and coated with a resin mixture, then heated to make it plasticized and rolled or embossed to the product.It is similar to natural leather, with soft, wear-resisting features. According to the types of the coverings, there are PVC artificial leather, polyurethane artificial leather, etc. It can be replaced by almost use of leather for daily necessities and industrial supplies. According to the covering layer foaming or not, it is also divided into foam artificial leather and flexible artificial leather. According to the usage, it is divided into shoes, box bags and so on.
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