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The development of rexine leather

In the 1930s,The industrial production of PVC has opened up new material resources for artificial leather and promoted the development of artificial leather production.
PVC paste was made by adding plasticizer, stabilizer, easy coloring and after gelation coating, printing, embossing and leather can be made into a variety of similar products.
It is not as good as natural leather, such as permeability, moisture permeability and so on, but it have a certain strength and abrasion resistance, especially in the production of simple, abundant raw materials, uniform of product quality. It is also easy to use clipping, qualitative light, water resistance, low cost. So it is widely used in production of clothing, shoes and hats, bags, furniture, decoration and all kinds of industrial parts.
With the development of plastic and processing technology, artificial leather forms a variety of products.Besides polyvinyl chloride, it is also use polyamide, polyurethane, polyolefins, etc. There are many kinds of base fabric, such as flat cloth, canvas, knitted fabric, wool cloth and non-woven fabric.
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